Many years ago, the founder of the Monogrammed Bathrobes Company was walking along Oak Street in Chicago. As a long time bathrobe aficionado, he was thrilled to come across an exclusive bathrobe boutique—the most expensive store of its kind. Once he entered the store, his delight quickly turned to disgust. Despite the excessive price tags—as high as $400—these robes were not exceptional in any way!

And so our intrepid bathrobe visionary started his quest for understanding. He scoured high-end boutiques, department stores, and catalogs. You might say he turned the bathrobe market inside out. Here’s what he learned: you can’t judge a bathrobe by its price tag. The most expensive robes are not necessarily the highest-quality. In fact, sometimes the reverse is true.

Our founder—a veteran in the textile and apparel markets—vowed to create a bathrobe company that combined exceptional quality and down-to-earth prices. To offer quality equal or greater than the most expensive designer robes, yet priced so virtually everyone can afford them. And to serve as a model for the entire bathrobe industry. And thus began The Monogrammed Bathrobes Company...

Time Left to Order for Christmas

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